With help from Mass Save we can provide you quality equipment at affordable prices

Paramount Heating and Cooling is a Mass Save compliant partner and hvac contractor. Together we can asses your current home equipment to determine eligibility. Right now millions of home owners are saving thousands on all types of heating and cooling equipment in Norfolk, Middlesex and Worcester County areas. 

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Signs you should consider a new furnace or a/c

Older than 15 years: Most heating and cooling equipment have an average life span around 10-15 years.

Higher energy bills: Have you noticed an increase in energy consumption and wondered what could be the cause? Your heating and cooling equipment may be the culprit

Costly repairs: Is your heating or cooling system constantly breaking down? You may just need a tune up or your equipment has just had enough. We will go over all the cost benefits with you.

Cracks or corrosions: Do you see signs of disintegration or rust on your indoor or outdoor furnace a/c or condenser. Higher a qualified tech to diagnose these potentially hazardous conditions. 

Noisy: Rattling, humming, popping or screeching noises are potential failures or issues with your system.

R22 refrigerant: If your air conditioner was installed before 1995 you have an R22 system. Starting on January 1, 2020, R22 will no longer be produced in the U.S due to its negative effects on the environment. This means that if your R22 system fails we have no other option but to replace with a 410a compliant system. Since these refrigerants are not compatible with each other it is not possible to just fill your r22 equipment with 410a.

Simple furnace and a/c repair

PS: Do not attempt to resolve a problem above your skill level. Call a qualified technician if you suspect any equipment malfunctions.   

No heat: Check your thermostat for low battery life. Check breakers to see if anything has tripped

Not enough heat: Check your filter by holding it up to a light source. If no light shines through you possible have a clogged filter. If your unsure how to change the filter or check it please call us 508 928 2100

Dust & dirt build up: Its important to keep belongings and storage items away from your equipment or it may try and pick up dust and dander to spread throughout your home. this includes outdoor equipment like a condenser which needs to be clear of dirt and debris to function most efficiently.

Flame discoloration: Check for a blue flame. If the flame is weak or yellow you may need your burners cleaned. Paramount heating and cooling is available for all your service needs and 24/7 emergency services. Call today 508 928 2100

Smell Gas: You may have a gas leak. We advise to leave your home immediately and call the utility company to resolve the issue.

Having your system inspected periodically, and at least as often as the manufacturer recommends, can prevent a minor repair from becoming a major endeavor. See why maintenance is important